Raj Patel

A Lifelong Learner: Raj Patel in Accounting

Practice Areas

Raj Patel is an accountant in our Atlanta, GA office.

During his long and varied career, Raj Patel has relished the opportunity to share his accounting expertise with clients of many sizes across a wide array of industries. He has served small gas stations, hotels, nonprofit organizations, and Fortune 500 companies. Raj loves that he gets to help clients find solutions that really make a difference in their businesses.

In his role as an accountant, Raj is a lifelong learner. Says Raj, “There is always something new to learn and ways to grow professionally in the accounting field. Regulations are always evolving. Further, you need to stay on top of tech changes to remain relevant in the field, always ready to implement new software that can supercharge your service.” Continuous professional learning is a true job perk for Raj.

Raj applies his experience in a variety of industries to deliver great results to clients. He has experience working in the finance, hotel, public accounting, and biotech industries.

Contact Raj Patel

(770) 881-9205
8800 Roswell Road, Building C, Suite 230, Atlanta, GA 30350
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