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Accomplishing Savings for Clients: Rupali Mundada in Accounting

Rupali Mundada truly loves her work as a certified public accountant (CPA). She gets to use her analytical and client service skills to learn about a client’s business and build long-term relationships with the team. But no matter the client, all of them have the same goal when it comes to taxes: Saving money. Rupali is driven to help her clients achieve this goal while still complying with applicable laws.

Why Your Tax Refund May Be Smaller This Year

Some people may find that they have higher tax bills for 2021 than they have in previous years. During this live event, CPA Dimple Sankhla and Business Development and Outreach Manager Neha Mahajan discuss the many factors could contribute to this increase in taxes.

Understanding How Your Stock Options and Grants Are Taxed

Individuals should vary their tax planning strategies based on the type of stock option award they receive. Join Chugh CPAs, LLP Partner and CPA Kislay Banka for an overview of different stock option awards, and which tax planning strategies you can use for each. Business Development and Outreach Manager Neha Mahajan hosts.

Can Companies Succeed at iBuying in Real Estate?

Since the start of the pandemic, money poured into the real estate market due to low interest rates and unlimited quantitative easing (QE). In the Atlanta area for example, the median sales price for homes increased 17% from one year prior. Another factor that contributed to the hot real estate market was “iBuying.”

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