Priyanka Patwa

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  Tax Services

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Priyanka has been with the Firm since August 2015.She is an associate in charge of Audit and Accounting work at the Ahmedabad office for TCF Consulting Pvt. Ltd. She has successfully completed her course of Chartered Accountant and graduated with a Bachelor degree in Commerce. She handles financial accounting of the firm, incorporation work of Indian entities and assists in various indigenous and foreign Client work with tax related issues.She has completed her article ship with a reputed Chartered Accounting firm based in Ahmedabad. During this period she has conducted statutory audits and tax audits of various entities across the state of Gujarat.


  • The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India


  • Chartered Accountant, ICAI, Gujarat, India
  • B. Com (Bachelor of Commerce), Gujarat University


  • Outstanding achievement in academics during graduation

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