Satya Yeruva

A Dedicated Partner in Client Businesses: Satya Yeruva

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Satya Yeruva is a CPA and Team Lead in our firm’s Reston, VA office.

Satya Yeruva’s favorite part of his job is meeting different people from different walks of life. He enjoys learning about them, the businesses they run, and the issues they face. Satya feels a deep sense of satisfaction after solving some of the issues in his clients’ lives.

Although he did not plan to become a CPA, Satya enjoys learning about businesses and different kinds of leadership more than anything else. He is dedicated to working closely with clients. Satya says, “I believe that the completeness of our job is achieved only when we understand how the businesses of our clients work.”

This dedication to client business success is far-reaching for Satya. He truly strives to be a partner in client businesses. “Every client is different. Dealing with clients teaches me a lot of valuable lessons about life itself. I love it. I do not see clients as revenue source for us. I see myself as a part of their team, working to help them achieve what they wish.”

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(703) 877-0871
1902 Campus Commons Drive, Suite #440, Reston, VA 20191
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