Due Diligence

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In this dynamic business era, Chugh CPAs, LLP offers Due Diligence as a vital tool when a company is confronted with major purchasing decisions. Due diligence is a program of critical analysis undertaken prior to making business decisions in such areas as corporate mergers/acquisitions or major product purchases/sales. Offers to purchase an asset are usually dependent on the results of due diligence analysis, an investigation or audit of the potential investment. The investigation is a comprehensive undertaking that includes a financial audit and an operational audit, system incompabilities can require huge amounts of time, money and personnel resources to integrate. In essence, due diligence serves to provide business owners and managers with reliable and complete background information on proposed business deals, whether the deal in question is a proposed acquisition of another company or a partnership with an international distributor, so that they can make informed decisions about whether to go forward with the business action.

Successful acquisition strategy depends on the structure and depth of the due diligence process. A Chugh CPAs, LLP professional, highly trained in the process of due diligence, can provide the expertise essential to guide you in making informed business decisions..