Family Business

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After working with hundreds of family businesses, Chugh CPAs, LLP understands your need for guidance and cost-effective solutions. We can help train the next generation, create a board of directors and establish policies and plans regarding family assets. Our family business services are based on a shared sense of purpose. In a time of complex changes, our resources and team approach can help your family business survive.

Chugh CPAs, LLP’s family owned business professionals serve as a resource for family owned businesses. Our family owned business services are based on communication with the family members and key employees. Successful family owned businesses are about successful relationships.

Our consultants ask the important questions:

  • What is your plan for key personnel?
  • Have you established a clearly defined ownership structure, as well as a policy for the transfer, acquisition and disposal of shares?
  • How would you reward non-family executives?
  • How will your retirement and estate plan affect the transfer of assets to the next generation?
  • Are family members brought into the business introduced to an appropriate role? Is there a career development plan for the future?
  • Does your family business meet liquidity requirements? Can it fund capital investments and provide a return to shareholders?

Often the best results are attained with an external consultant. Our most important goal is to help the family business survive and flourish for succeeding generations.

“The absolute fundamental aim is to make money out of satisfying customers.” – John Egan