Skilled Problem Solving for Businesses: Khushbu Doshi in Accounting

Practice Areas

Khushbu Doshi is a CPA and Team Lead in our firm’s Santa Clara, CA office.

Khushbu Doshi’s favorite part of her job is that she gets to constantly face new challenges in various areas of her work. Whether she is helping a client develop solutions for their business, or navigating changes to tax and audit laws, Khushbu relishes being able to deliver results that exceed client expectations. One of Khushbu’s recent wins was helping a client save almost $400,000 in taxes.

Khushbu enjoys that her job encourages her to be compassionate and make customer satisfaction her top priority. Says Khushbu, “Every day we get to learn something new. Every company out there needs an expert to help them develop business strategies. Our clients come from different industries and have diverse situations, which forces us to think outside of the box to provide valuable advice. There is never a dull day in this profession.”

Accounting: A Natural Professional Choice

Coming from a family of entrepreneurs and businesspeople, accounting was an easy choice for Khushbu. Since her childhood, she enjoyed seeing her parents apply prudent business practices to their everyday lives. Accounting combines Khushbu’s love of numbers and her desire to partner with businesses at various stages of their development.

A Supportive Work Environment

The culture of Chugh CPAs, LLP is a major factor that drew Khushbu to the firm. Says Khushbu, “Each colleague here becomes your family. Everybody stands united and is there when you need their help for work, and even when you need their help in your personal life. When you come to work you feel confident that you are entering a safe zone which allows you to flourish and reach new heights while providing several learning opportunities. I always tell my colleagues and team members – there are lots of opportunities to learn everywhere. Just keep soaking in as much as you can.”

Business Consultation

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