Trustworthy and Reliable: Ashleen Sahni in Accounting

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Ashleen Sahni is a CPA and Team Lead in our firm’s Reston, VA office.

Ashleen Sahni relishes being a certified public accountant (CPA) because she has a natural passion for her work. She enjoys doing taxes for her clients and helping them comply with accounting and tax laws.

Accounting has long been a natural fit for Ashleen. In middle school, Ashleen noticed her father writing some numbers in his ledger books. He was maintaining inventory – all with a pen and paper. Ashleen was fascinated by her dad’s work and driven to start learning from him. Says Ashleen, “It was just fun for me, from the very beginning.”

Ashleen credits her father with pulling her into the world of numbers. Since then, she has loved studying and working in accounting. Now, Ashleen is motivated by serving her clients. Ashleen loves working with clients from a diverse array of industries and working to meet their specific needs, however complex. Seeing a satisfied client at the end of an assignment is what motivates Ashleen to show up and continuously do more for her clients. “I want to give my clients what they need in an accountant. Often, they look for someone that is trustworthy and reliable,” Ashleen says. “I always strive to embody those traits.”

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