Our business approach to working with clients throughout the year, not just at year-end, enables us to provide services in an efficient, cost-effective manner. This process includes analyzing financial statements and meeting with key personnel to gain a better understanding of your organization and to determine areas that require greater focus.

At the conclusion of our work, we review with you the reports and the results of our financial statement analysis. Additionally, on audits we provide significant management letter comments including opportunities for cost reduction, tax savings and restructuring. While not generally required by professional standards, we also take the time to provide management letters and consultative insights on review and compilation engagements.

While many firms are eliminating audit services from their repertoire of services because of increased litigation risk, Chugh CPAs, LLP has opted to emphasize quality in this area. We ensure quality results by populating our staff with individuals who have strong academic and professional experience, increasing professional staff training, and maintaining a high level of management involvement on each account.

Through our audit and accounting process, guided by our own quality control system, we have earned a reputation as a premier provider of these services in the region.

We are experts in providing the following types of financial statement audits to U.S. and Non- U.S. entities per U.S. as well as International GAAP:

  • Annual audit
  • Interim audit
  • Consolidated financial statements audit
  • Comparative financial statement audit
  • Audit per M&A condition

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