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If you have purchased, constructed or improved a building, odds are that you will benefit from a cost segregation study. Comprehensive tax planning strategies, including cost segregation services, are available to help you to reduce taxes through accelerated depreciation tax deductions. How tax depreciation is calculated may significantly impact your bottom line.

Your new or renovated building may generate more cash flow than you realize. Building owners need to consider whether they have maximized the tax benefits associated with property ownership. Utilizing the proper balance of tax and construction knowledge, Chugh CPAs, LLP can provide a cost segregation analysis that results in a substantial cash flow improvement for your business. The cost of a building includes many assets which qualify for a considerably shorter tax life than the building as a whole. We can identify and value these shorter lived assets so that depreciation deductions can be claimed sooner and capital can be reinvested to create even greater return for investors.

With Chugh CPAs, LLP's cost segregation studies, you can enhance your real property's financial return by generating significant cash flow savings.

Cost segregation benefits:

  • Reduce Corporate Income Taxes
  • Reduce Individual Income Taxes
  • Reduce Property Taxes
  • Increase Cash Flow
  • Maximize Tax Credits
  • "Catch-up" Depreciation on Assets

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