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We at Chugh CPAs, LLP gives our Professionals the chance to explore the variety of expertise that they have, in order to extend and provide assistance to individuals and group that need it most . We trust that a substantial specialized professions greatly further than just handling crucial contracts or doing complicated proceedings. It is more that what it seems to be. Our professionals are serving with passion, to help and assist those who need but has no means.

Our professionals, together with the entire people that completes our team, will assist to guarantee that any individual or groups, will be treated fair and will be protected, that those people who are not aware with legal procedure will be given proper information in doing and facing those difficulties and, most importantly to give way and chance, those who need to express and defend right against anybody.

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Our team of dedicated Certified Public Accountants have an intricate understanding of the complexities of your legal and accounting needs. Chugh CPAs, LLP regularly assists our clients on issues regarding Tax FIlings, Tax Planning, Tax Consulting, Accounting, Audit & Assurances, etc.

The scope of our involvement with our clients does not just extend to issues that may arise during the course of complex and global business transactions. It extends to day-to-day affairs where we counsel clients on legal and business needs on a microscopic level. Our clients have come to rely upon our seamless service and know that they can contact our firm day or night for customized solutions to any problem.

Chugh CPAs, LLP